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Insulation for Burn-Off Oven Afterburners

Burn-off ovens are a preferred method for keeping finishing system components such as fixtures, racks and load bars clean. Instead of using expensive and degrading methods such as chemicals, mechanical stripping or sand blasting, burn-off ovens use a form of...

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What is Vacuduct®?

  Vacuduct is Danser, Inc.’s patented high-temperature vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation. Below we dissect what it is, as well as its properties and applications. What is high-temperature insulation? High-temperature insulation is used for applications...

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Project Feature: Refractory-Lined Furnace Exhaust System

Danser recently fabricated and installed a refractory-lined furnace exhaust system for a large production pre-heat furnace. Fabrication included a 65"Ø 12 gauge aluminized stack, 46' high with 304 stainless steel rain cap and support steel. Ductwork was 65"Ø and 49"Ø...

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Taking Safety to New Heights

At Danser, our commitment to returning employees home safely means taking a proactive approach to preventing potential hazards. Recently, we completed an evaluation of fall risks from nominal heights in the workplace and found an improved solution for reducing the...

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Shining a Light on Forklift Safety

Forklifts are a necessary piece of equipment in most industrial settings but can become a hazard without proper training and safety features. Danser, Inc. recently installed a warning light system on three shop forklifts to help both operators and pedestrians better...

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