High-temperature vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation

Vacuduct® is Danser, Inc.’s patented, high-temperature vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation, which is available in industry-leading sizes and thicknesses. Danser uses only first-quality, high-purity virgin bulk fiber.

  • Patented ceramic fiber sleeve withstands thermal shock and temperatures to 2600° F continuous
  • Lightweight bolt-together Vacuduct design reduces installation time and costs
  • Chemically stable noncorrosive insulation gives years of service

Standard formulas are:

  • 2300° F with a max continuous use limit of 2150° F*, physical property data available upon request
  • 2600° F with a max continuous use limit of 2350° F*, physical property data available upon request

*Under certain conditions

Vacuduct Shapes


  • Vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation tubes/sleeves from 1” ID to 60” ID and thicknesses up to 10” (depending on fiber blend and ID size). Standard Vacuduct® sleeves are 60” long and may be:

    • Machined, smooth outside finish

    • Bark outside finish
    • Dried inside metal duct or piping


  • Vacuum-formed ceramic fiber boards 50” x 50” and up to 12” thick. Vacuum-formed boards may be:

    • Machined to tight tolerances

    • Cut into various segments or shapes

Custom Shapes

  • Danser can produce square or round insulated duct, observation ports, plugs and radial tube bungs.

Typical Applications

  • Exhaust Stacks

  • Afterburners

  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems

  • High-temperature Ductwork

  • Coffee Roasters

  • Riser Tubes

  • Burner Insulation

  • Insulation for Combustor Stacks

Standard Riser Tubes

Standard Riser Tubes available with machine finish and bark finish. Additional sizes available. All sleeves available in up to 60” L.

8” ID x 9” OD x 36” L 20” ID x 22” OD x 36” L
10” ID x 11” OD x 36” L 24” ID x 26” OD x 36” L
10” ID x 12” OD x 36” L 26” ID x 28” OD x 36” L
12” ID x 13” OD x 36” L 27” ID x 30” OD x 36” L
14” ID x 16” OD x 36” L 28” ID x 30” OD x 36” L
16” ID x 18” OD x 36” L 30” ID x 32” OD x 36” L

Vacuduct Resources

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