Burn-off ovens are a preferred method for keeping finishing system components such as fixtures, racks and load bars clean. Instead of using expensive and degrading methods such as chemicals, mechanical stripping or sand blasting, burn-off ovens use a form of incineration called pyrolysis. This form of incineration uses heat without oxygen to chemically decompose organic materials without damaging the components being cleaned.

Typical burn-off ovens are comprised of electrical controls, an oven shell, a primary burner, an afterburner, a water suppression system, a pressure relief door and an exhaust stack. The purpose of the afterburner, also called an oxidizer, is to contain and treat the smoke and fumes from the burn-off oven. In a very high-temperature environment (1400°F or higher), afterburners break down hydrocarbons to water and carbon dioxide.

Enter Vacuduct, Danser’s high-temperature vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation. Vacuduct’s high temperature stability, thermal shock resistance and low heat storage make it an excellent insulation choice for afterburners, as well as burn-off oven exhaust stacks.

Using a vacuum-forming process, Danser produces Vacuduct in custom sizes and shapes, a versatility that eliminates the seams of module insulation. Vacuduct insulation is also lighter than castable alternatives.

Danser’s afterburner insulation is available three ways:

  1. Danser produces and ships custom-sized Vacuduct sleeves for use in existing afterburners
  2. Danser produces and installs Vacuduct insulation in customer-supplied afterburner bodies
  3. Danser fabricates the entire afterburner assembly, including the steel afterburner shell and high-temperature insulation

For the most seamless solution, Danser recommends the third option. For one such customer, Danser fabricated a 304SS afterburner shell lined with 2300°F Vacuduct, 36″ ID x 52″ OD x 176″ L.


Vertical afterburner body with 2300° F Vacuduct® insulation, 36″ ID x 52″ OD x 176″ L with 14-gauge 304 SS shell

Similarly, Danser fabricates and installs Vacuduct-lined exhaust stacks for burn-off ovens and other high-temperature systems.

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